Group Members

Group Leader

Dr. Jeanne L. Bolliger
Assistant Professor, Principal Investigator
Office: 330A Henry Bellmon Research Center
Phone: (001) 405-744-4904

Mailing Address:
107 Physical Sciences
Department of Chemistry
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078


Graduate Students


                  (Luis) Guillermo Ardon Munoz
just finishing up   
 Scott   Scott Hutchinson
graduated in 2021 

Undergraduate Students

There are currently two research opportunities for interested OSU undergraduate students. Please contact Dr. Bolliger directly if you are interested in organic synthesis and catalysis.

Previous Group Members

Christy Eslinger: Spring 2019-Summer 2019 (OSU undergraduate student)

Margarita Ratliff: Fall 2018-Summer 2019 (OSU undergraduate student)

Dillon Kerr: Fall 2017-Spring 2019 (OSU undergraduate student)

Nikolas R. Burton: Summer 2018 REU student (from North Carolina State University)

Rachel G. Williams: Summer 2017 REU student (from North Carolina State University)