Welcome to the Bolliger Lab!

The Bolliger Group aims to develop novel methodology for preparing and functionalizing heterocycles. Additionally, we are investigating applications of our heterocycles, for example, their use as antifungal agents.

We are particularly interested in the following areas of research:

  • Heterocyclic Chemistry
  • Synthesis
  • Catalysis & Catalyst Development
  • Mechanistic Investigations
  • NMR Spectroscopy; in situ NMR Methods
  • Biological Activity
  • Electrochemistry


December 2023, Rehema's Graduation. Congratulations to your Master's in Chemistry!


2023 SWRM in Oklahoma City, OK, on November 16. Bolliger group members from left to right: Noah Holt (UG), Susila Thapa (Grad), Cody Godfrey (Grad), Abigail Norris (UG), Dr. Jeanne Bolliger (PI), Rehema Nakiwala (Grad), Nishan Khanal (Grad). Missing: McKenzie Menefee (UG) and Kaity O'Brien (UG).

Pentasectional Meeting

2022 Pentasectional Meeting in Barlesville, OK, on October 8. Bolliger group members from left to right: Catrina Aguirre (UG), Rehema Nakiwala (Grad), Dr. Jeanne Bolliger (PI), Noah Holt (UG), Rachel Crittell (UG).


Summer 2022. Bolliger group celebrating Guillermo's faculty position starting in Fall 2022.

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Spring 2022 Bolliger Research Group

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December 2021, Guillermo's Graduation. Congratulations to your PhD in Chemistry!

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Summer 2021 Undergraduate Research Sumposium at OSU

 Summer 2017